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Machine Learning for Sustainable Energy: Carbon Capture

A journey towards gaining research experience in a challenging STEM problem with Python coding and AI-Assistant
  • Age: 16-18 (year 12-13 of high school)
  • Duration:  8 weeks 
  • Time for learning:  5 hours per week
  • Authors: Prof. Lev Sarkisov and Dr. Dmitry N. Lapshin 

What's included?

  • Research placement in STEM subjects

    Do a real research project in a STEM subject directly relevant to your future university studies.
  • Weekly live sessions

    Engage with the leading academics in weekly live sessions to discuss relevant topics and progress in your research.
  • 20+ Video episodes

    Take full control of your learning journey as you make progress through the course at a pace that suits you best.
  • 15+ practical problems and examples

    Develop your skills beyond the school curriculum and prepare for the University studies.
  • 6 Jupyter notebooks and coding examples

    Nurture and cultivate the essential skillset of a STEM scientist. 

Before you start...

Install Jupyter notebook software

Here are several alternative ways to install or get access to Jupyter notebook:

Check out some representative episodes from the course


Professor Lev Sarkisov

Hello! My name is Lev, I am Professor in Chemical Engineering at the University of Manchester. At the University of Manchester my group specializes in molecular simulations and multiscale modelling in application to carbon capture, energy storage and other challenging problems.

Here is an example of our recent publication and a link to my research group web site: 
This program is a result of several years of teaching Thermodynamics and Molecular Thermodynamics courses at the University of Edinburgh. I wanted to find a way to explain some of these topics to the high school students interested in how interactions between molecules govern the world around us. We hope it will spark your interest in this field.


Dr. Dmitry N. Lapshin

Hi! I am Dmitry, a Research Associate in Chemical Engineering at Imperial College London. My research employs molecular simulations to design new materials and processes to address carbon capture, energy storage and other challenging problems.

Here you can find my recent publications: 
This course is a result of my passion for teaching of university and high school students. Being a teacher at a school and scientist at university for over 10 years, I understand that inspiring students and providing them with necessary support is vital for sparkling and keeping interest in STEM. With this in mind, we developed The Ensamble program.
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