The Ensamble offers internship in hands-on STEM research that opens the door to universities for high-school students

With The Ensamble
you will ...

  • Acquire hands-on  experience in STEM research relevant to your university studies

  • Learn from top university academics

  • Build a strong personal profile prioritized by top universities

  • Develop scientific, coding, and soft skills in 5 weeks

  • Learn to work with AI-Assistant to study faster and smarter

  • 3-10X more affordable than Summer Schools in top UK/US universities
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Schools and academies

The Ensamble programme:

Provides internship in real STEM research with the experience directly relevant to your future studies

Teaches you to work in symbiosis with an AI-Assistant for faster and smarter learning

Builds your coding skills through practice

Is developed and delivered by leading academics

Provides personal support for each student interested in STEM subjects

Develops your soft-skills and cross-disciplinary thinking, preparing you for the University admission

Our programs

We want to work with schools, universities, and educational organizations to change high school education. Please, get in touch with us to discuss possible collaborations.

What our students say

"Thank you very much for running the course! I found the content on molecular thermodynamics very interesting, and I was glad to learn about the scientific mindset and techniques for analysis of experimental data"
Anton N., St. Paul's School, London
"The Ensamble course was a great opportunity to study science topics at a level far beyond what we learn at school. The course showed just how powerful coding can be and what a large role it can play in real life work and scientific discovery. It was amazing to be given the opportunity to learn about this because it is something which we have never even talked about in school. The course was engaging and the instructors were very enthusiastic about the topics being covered. It made me think about aspects of thermodynamics which I had never even considered before, or just taken as a given."
Sol I., St. Paul's School, London
"I found the Ensamble course a brilliant way to develop multidisciplinary thinking. The instructors were engaging, approachable and happy to help on assignments. The course content itself was very interesting, and the instructors did a great job demonstrating how the content fit together with other areas of science. As a beginner to programming, I found the assignments quite challenging. However, overall the course was enjoyable and useful."
Thalia R., James Allen's Girls' School, London
"Thank you very much for running The Ensamble programme! I enjoyed it immensely and found it to be hugely edifying: the lectures enriched my understanding of molecular thermodynamics, the assignments enhanced my programming and research skills, and the discussions developed my analytical abilities, encouraging creativity. The course has only strengthened my desire to study Chemical Engineering at University."
Rayn L., St Paul's School, London
"I would like to thank you so much for taking part in The Ensamble Project. I have learnt so much for such a short time-frame! I feel much more prepared for University study and motivated for a career in scientific research."
Esme S.G., James Allen's Girls' School, London
"The Ensamble was an exceedingly fun, useful and eye-opening experience for me. It taught me the nature of undergraduate STEM study and provided a clearer picture of what it means to be a scientist. Every lecture was entertaining. I learned about molecular thermodynamics, computational chemistry and the scientific method – important areas for most STEM degrees and careers. The topics are well-explained and delivered at the right level for A Level students wanting to broaden their knowledge, even if they have little coding experience! Most importantly, it helped me to grow in my passion and provided an invaluable skillset for my future."
George D., St. Ambrose College, Manchester
"The Ensamble course really helped me to expand my knowledge on topics we learn in A-Level, and give an insight into the university. Python sessions were accessible to students of all coding abilities. I found the course helped me to think quick and ask questions about complicated ideas. Overall, I found it beneficial for my studies, and would absolutely recommend to anyone interested."
Hannah W, Withington Girls' School, Manchester
Ensamble was a unique and exciting opportunity for me, being able to not only expand my knowledge on the fundamental principles of thermodynamics but develop the key skill of innovative thinking and the ability to analyse scientific findings. The lectures were always fascinating. The assignments challenged and inspired me to research more about topics that I would not normally have discovered. An aspect of the course that I was particularly passionate about was the opportunity of having discussions with instructors and other like-minded students. I found this extremely beneficial and formed a network of connections from. The most useful experience I took away from the course was gaining a knowledge of how programming is used within the scientific community, and the practice of maintaining a good lab book, two skills that will be invaluable if you are thinking of studying science at university. Instructors gave brilliant feedback and always motivated me to think more creatively about chemistry. This course is exceptional, and I would highly recommend to anyone interested in a career in science!
Lizze C, James Allen's Girls' School, London

Frequently asked questions

Who is this platform for?

Our platform is for high school students in years 11-13 who are interested in doing a research internship in STEM to enhance their personal profiles for admission at a University.

Do I need any previous experience?

There is no need to have any prior programming experience for courses. You will be provided with all necessary study materials on the basics of Python programming. For the material of the courses, you will need school level understanding of calculus, chemistry, and physics. We will teach you from the ground up, and you will gain all the knowledge and skills you need to start your journey as a researcher..

What is included in The Ensamble package?

The Ensamble package contains 5 modules with online lectures, 6 coding projects in Python, and 1 real hands-on project formulated together with a university mentor and conducted together with an AI-Assistant.

Will The Ensamble help me get into university?

In the sense of making a student a better applicant, absolutely. The courses, exercises, and projects are designed to equip you with the skills and hands-on research experience necessary for building a strong and stand-out personal profile for the admission to a university of your choice. We do not communicate with admissions offices on behalf of alumni, other than to supply a letter describing The Ensamble program if necessary, suitable as an application supplement (subject to the Admission Policy).

Why do I need an AI-Assistant?

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning quickly enter our life. AI-Assistants have already become indispensable co-workers in science, industry, and in 5 years everyone will have them. You will learn how to effectively work with an AI-Assistant. This new skill will help you with the current school and future university studies to learn smarter and faster.

Do I need a special computer or software?

You will need a desktop computer or a laptop. You will be given instructions prior to purchasing the course on how to install Jupyter software. 

How much time do I need to complete the programme?

The full internship consists of 5 modules including video-lectures, exercises, coding projects, and a STEM research project. The total time commitment required is approximately 25-30 hours and is expected to be completed within 5 weeks under normal school load. It is worth noting that 80% of this time is dedicated to your work on a research project.

When can I start studying?

We accept students on a rolling basis. The starting date for the upcoming offering is stated on the website Home page. The internships are offered several times during the year. Each internship covers similar theoretical materials, while research projects are different.

What can you offer that I cannot get at other online schools?

With The Ensamble you will participate in a research internship and obtain a real research experience that will make your CV and Personal Statement stand out. You will work with leading academics and educators at the very front of the science. Although university summer schools provide relevant research experience they are available to a very limited number of students. Moreover, tutoring addresses only preparation for exams.

What are the assessment criteria?

After successfully completing The Ensamble program, students will present the results of their research in two formats: a 5-10 page scientific paper and a 10-minute presentation that will be assessed by university academics. These assessment criteria are essential to ensure that the gained research experience is recognized by the university admission committee. Moreover, presenting and defending your results will greatly prepare you for the admission interview.

Do I get a Certificate?

Students who successfully finished The Ensamble program will receive The Ensamble Certificate, which acknowledges their achievement in completing the 5-week Ensamble program and gaining relevant research experience in Chemistry, Physics, or Engineering.

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