Innovative Program created by scientists

Get hands-on research experience together with scientific knowledge, interactive coding, and creative thinking to develop your personal profile for the admission to a top university

Acquire real research experience in STEM

Formulate and conduct a real research project in STEM that aligns with your prospective undergraduate studies

Use AI-Assistant to progress and learn

Engage with concise video lectures, coding exercises, hands-on projects, and more

Develop scientific mindset

Develop logical thinking in solving scientific problems with coding

Develop evidence-based reasoning by analysing & interpreting data

Master cross-disciplinary approaches

Learn how to apply coding in Python to engineering and natural science problems

Use your knowledge in math, chemistry, and physics together to make scientific discoveries

Unlock creativity and intellectual potential

Strengthen your ability to approach open-ended problems

Go beyond deterministic school-like answers

Develop strategies to test hypotheses and find solutions

Learn the best practices of soft skills

Learn how to effectively communicate complex ideas

Use scientific method to improve your studies


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Get hands-on research experience in STEM subjects


Earn a Certificate that demonstrates your research experience

Academic profile

Build a portfolio that showcases your proficiency for university admission


Master the most up-to-date practical, scientific coding, and soft skills

Our methods

Short, effective video podcasts

Our courses are split in thematic modules each consisting of a series of episodes.

Quick, fun exercises

Our courses are not about school exams. They are about understanding the natural world around us and how to solve problems. Our questions for each module aim to spark interest in the subject and scientific curiosity. 

Jupyter programming assignments

Our students use programming and Jupyter notebooks to ask scientific questions about the world around them and formulate engineering problems as a code. 

Our courses

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